Holistic Health-Based Alternative Chronic Pain Strategies

Many approaches to chronic pain focus on symptoms versus establishing health and wellness. This can encourage dependency on medication or practitioners. These holistic alternative chronic pain strategies, however, work to empower healing and encourage sustainable well-being.

Why do these complementary approaches lead to improvement, even though they don’t involve diagnosing or treating medical conditions, symptoms, or disease?

These gentle, non-intrusive, time-tested techniques…

  • promote better alignment and ease pressure on joints;
  • improve flexibility, coordination, and ease of movement;
  • enhance and support the body’s return to greater health and integration;
  • rebalance the body and release muscular tension;
  • increase your sense of personal empowerment.

Learn more about the alternative chronic pain strategies below.

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Rolfing Structural Integration
The Feldenkrais Method
Somatic Psychotherapy
Therapeutic Yoga

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