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Cassandra Field: Chronic Pain Recovery Coach, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, Somatic Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Trainer


Cassandra Field, LPC
Pain-Recovery Coaching for Chronic Pain

Cassandra is a Licensed Professional Counselor, somatic psychotherapist, certified addiction counselor, therapeutic yoga instructor and mindfulness coach. She has been working in the field for fifteen years specializing in health and wellness. Cassandra blends the psychotherapeutic process with mindfulness practices, body-based awareness and embodiment to support each client in their healing process. Her approach to pain-recovery coaching for chronic pain is multi-dimensional. She works with the body, mind and soul to effectively address pain, addiction to medications, insomnia and sleep disorders, discomfort, dysfunction and dis-ease. She is dynamic and strength-based in her approach.

“Even when we feel stuck, I believe people are inherently designed for positive growth and transformation; can and do change; heal and thrive given the appropriate tools and support.”

Drawing from a broad range of innovative counseling modalities and experiential practices, Cassandra uniquely tailors her approach to the systemic (emotional, mental, physical) and developmental needs of each individual. Often people suffering from chronic pain are faced with issues above and beyond the physical pain, i.e. addiction to pain medications and or sleep disorders. Cassandra works with the entire brain body to help clients better manage and or overcome the adjunct issues associated with chronic pain.

The process includes a series of steps or stages of change. Typically the first step is raising self-awareness and mindfulness. As self-awareness grows, the next step involves building physical and mental resilience and stability through therapeutic yoga and other movement techniques. As these foundational steps develop, the client begins to cultivate a better understanding of one’s motivational drives and patterns of adaptation (somatic psychology). Through the process each individual moves toward personal goals, supported by an expanding palette of skills including life and wellness skills, stress and pain management, mindfulness skills, emotional intelligence, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness.

Cassandra’s mission is to help each person embody and manifest their full potential! She enjoys helping people identify and align with their own innate wisdom to bring about healing and empowerment in body, mind and soul. This is achieved by leveraging the power of creativity and play to create healthy bodies and minds, stability, sustainability and lasting changes.

Services offered: Individual Therapy, Mindfulness Instruction, Private Therapeutic Yoga Instruction, Group Therapeutic Yoga Classes, Groups for Stress and Pain Management

Call Cassandra today at 303-818-5061 for more information or to arrange a free consultation.

Cassandra Elizabeth Field, MA, LPC, CACIII


  • Speciality: Somatic Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Mindfulness