Rolfing for Chronic Pain

For those with chronic pain due to structural imbalances, muscular tension, or patterns created by old injuries or habits, Rolfing® structural integration often makes a long-term difference. If your pain is of structural or functional origin, and you have been cleared to explore alternative approaches, it could make sense to try Rolfing for chronic pain before surgery or other intrusive treatments. 100% of clients who participated in a post-series survey reported that the pain or symptoms they had before beginning the series became less severe and less frequent.

What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

Rolfing® structural integration is a manual therapy that improves alignment by gently rebalancing the body’s connective tissue. Rolfing SI does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of pain symptoms, related conditions, or disease. It is a holistic, health-based alternative that enhances and supports the body’s return to a fuller state of structural health and integration. The work is gentle and non-intrusive. It promotes better alignment, flexibility, and ease of movement.

The hallmark of Rolfing SI is a strategic series of sessions that holistically address alignment issues throughout the body. A broad range of touch is used to invite release and transformation of restrictions affecting alignment. I work in close collaboration with clients to ensure that touch and movement interactions are experienced by the client as a welcome invitation to change.

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How Can Alignment Make So Much Difference?

  • Our bodies are designed to be erect in gravity with the least effort possible;
  • When we are well-supported by the ground through our feet, legs, and pelvis, then the upper body is better able to relax into that support;
  • With better support from below and a well-aligned pelvis, the head can move closer to its rightful place directly over the spine, freeing overworked muscles of the neck and shoulders from the constant effort of holding it up;
  • When joints are lined up and more balanced, there is less wear and tear; the body may respond to improved joint alignment by reducing painful inflammation;
  • An easy and comfortable relationship with gravity calms the nervous system, reducing the likelihood of painful muscular constriction.

If you experience pain that may be due to structural imbalances, muscular tension, or patterns created by old injuries or habits, then try Rolfing® structural integration.

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Try Rolfing Structural Integration….

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