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Chronic Pain Testimonials from our Boulder clients

From Vivian's Clients......

Jeff, Boulder

This is the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. My back pain is gone and I feel 15 years younger. Why did I wait so long?

Benita, Lafayette

“After two cortisone shots to my lower back (which didn’t relieve my pain completely), Vivian was my last resort before the very real possibility of back surgery. I didn’t expect complete relief, but Vivian very patiently and thoroughly worked out all the long-held kinks in my body over several sessions and “fixed” me! She is a lovely, gentle Rolfer, and I can’t recommend her enough. I’m very grateful to Vivian for healing my back.”

Tamara, Boulder

The changes in my body are so good; namely, chronic pain that I simply accepted as something I just have to live with for the rest of my life… is gone. That bike crash and subsequent shoulder pain… gone. Pain when I work on the computer… gone. Knee pain… gone. I have regained that youthful swing in the hip and bounce in my step. The reassuring thing is I did this over a 5 month time frame, and the improvements I made in the beginning have been long lasting, not reverting to the old patterns. Rolfing with Vivian has been the most therapeutic thing I have done for myself in my life.

Lizzie, Boulder

After years of massage therapists and chiropractors, I’ve become used to getting “quick fixes” with very temporary effects. Rolfing surprised me in that it was the first bodywork I’d experienced that had a lasting effect on my posture and the way that I carry my body and deal with my stress…. I honestly didn’t realize that any kind of bodywork could actually restructure my problem areas….I always thought that I would have to have surgery to correct my scoliosis so I was really amazed when I started seeing the difference in my posture in your pictures.

From Gil's Clients......

Mary, Boulder

“If I succeed in aging gracefully, I will owe it to Gil and Feldenkrais.”

Michael, Boulder

“It’s fortunate to have crossed paths with Gil Kelly’s practice in the Feldenkrais Method…. What’s most remarkable is the extended range of motion the technique is affording me against degenerative osteoarthritis in my spine with a substantial reduction in chronic pain and less need for medication. With his witty, affable nature, Gil makes this an easy, fun and amazingly beneficial exploration. Good stuff!”

Jennifer, Boulder

“Chronic pain can make you feel like your body is the enemy. The best thing about learning Feldenkrais with Gil has been making friends with my body again, from the inside out. You explore what feels easy, not hard, and discover how to move with more ease. One of the best things I’ve learned is how to get up out of chair without grabbing for support and pushing with my arms. One simple trick, and I’m on my feet. It feels great to move more like I did when I was younger. A combination of Gil’s class and some private sessions has been super helpful, and Gil’s lighthearted spirit makes it fun!”

From Cassandra's Clients......

Kate, Boulder

“I learned (the hard way) that the recovery from a broken hip – when you do not get a replacement – is long and difficult. Thanks to doing therapeutic yoga with Cassandra Field…. I have made a complete recovery and am now back in action, stronger and more comfortable than ever. Cassandra has such a talent as a yoga teacher it is hard to know where to begin…. I leave each class stronger and more balanced than when I came in. Over time I have increased my muscular strength, my flexibility, my endurance, and my balance. Of course practicing yoga is naturally going to help with mental and emotional stability, and that is true for me as well, but I think that Cassandra’s understanding of anatomy and physiology is a crucial reason that her classes provide such amazing benefit to her students. I am so grateful.”

Elesha, Boulder

“Cassandra is one of the most “in-tune” yoga instructors I have encountered.  I am a 50+ year old woman that suffers from arthritis in both knees and in my lower back due to my history of cross county running.  I have been taking her therapeutic yoga class for 2 years and enjoy every minute of it. I have taken several classes over the years and yoga was one of the primary reason I did not require pain medication.  When I was fortunate to find Cassandra’s class, I began to feel even better.  Her approach to our individual needs allows each of us to feel as though we are being privately taught.  My body, my joints, my mind and my spirit have truly become one with the therapeutic class I have been taking with Cassandra.  I have read various studies on the benefits of yoga but because I am a regular in Cassandra’s yoga class, I live the benefits.

Ellen, Boulder

“I have been a student in Cassandra Field’s therapeutic yoga class for several years.  As someone who suffers from chronic pain this yoga class has helped me tremendously. The movements taught provide relief from the pain but also aid in both physical and mental balance.  Her  style is one of invitation with a focus on doing what is right for the participant, not the class as a whole…. I continue to see benefits each time I participate in Cassandra’s class.  I highly recommend this class to anyone, regardless of physical limitations….”

Tally, Boulder

“My wife and I have been attending yoga classes with Cassandra for several years and have found her to be the best yoga instructor we have ever found.  Her classes have a wonderful flow to them and are a good mix of stretching, balance, and classic yoga positions.  We cannot recommend her strongly enough to anyone with injuries or physical limitations.”

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